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Help Navigating The Complexities Of Interstate And International Custody Law

At the Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger, we have the ability to address the complications that arise when a child custody dispute crosses state or national borders. The question at the forefront of these matters is one of jurisdiction. Where will the matter be handled and what state’s or country’s laws apply? With more than three decades of experience, we understand the applicable laws and can protect your rights regardless of the distance involved.

Interstate Child Custody Disputes

When one parent moves out of state and brings the child along, the question arises as to which state’s laws apply, the new state of residence or the home state? The answer to this question is determined based on the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). There may be a hearing involving the court in the new jurisdiction and the court in the home jurisdiction to determine which has jurisdiction. Our South Bay interstate custody lawyer understands how to navigate these hearings.

We have seen a variety of scenarios in interstate child custody and visitation disputes. It is not uncommon for this type of case to spring from allegations of domestic violence. One parent may flee to another state in an attempt to protect him or herself, or the child, from abuse. That parent may obtain a temporary order in the new state of residence. This does not negate the rights of the parent who has been left behind.

International Child Custody Disputes

Occasionally, a parent may move overseas with his or her child in an attempt to litigate a child custody dispute in the courts of another country. These attempts to circumvent domestic law create many difficulties. The Hague Convention dictates jurisdictional issues in these matters. We are well-versed in the Hague Convention and its application in these unique disputes.

Put Our Experience In Your Corner

Attorney Thomas Polinger has practiced family law in California for more than 35 years. He represents clients throughout Southern California from his office in Hermosa Beach. For a consultation, call our California law office at 310-697-8868 or contact us online. We accept credit cards and can arrange evening or Saturday appointments upon request.