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Child Support Is Too Important To Rely On An Inexperienced Lawyer

In most cases, child support is dictated by established guidelines. However, that does not mean the assistance of a lawyer is not necessary. At the Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger, we take care to see that all the numbers used to calculate child support are accurate and that payments are fair. We bring more than 35 years of experience to these family law matters.

How Child Support Guidelines Work

Essentially, child support calculations are based on two factors. The first is the income of each parent. The second is the child custody arrangements or time share percentage. There are other factors that may be taken into consideration, but these two are the focus. It is important to have a Hermosa Beach child support lawyer review your case to ensure that all income is being taken into consideration and all calculations are accurate.

Deviating From The Guidelines

The child support guidelines were developed for parents with a specific income level and children with standard needs. For parents with higher incomes, following the guidelines may not make sense. A so-called “high-earner exception” may be necessary. Similarly, if the child has special needs and unique expenses, those should be taken into account when calculating child support. We will skillfully review the situation and pursue a child support amount that makes sense based on your circumstances.

Post-Judgment Issues

In addition to handling child support issues during divorce or in tandem with a paternity action, we also handle all post-judgment issues. We can assist with modifications of child support based on income changes or other factors, and we can provide help with enforcement of support.

Ready To Assist With Setting Child Support And Modifications

For a consultation, call our California law office at 310-697-8868 or contact us online. We accept credit cards and can arrange evening or Saturday appointments upon request.