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Protecting Your Interests In Enforcement Of Child Support Actions

If you are being sued for child support, the State of California will use its full arsenal to force you to pay. The Child Support Services Department of Los Angeles County (CSSD) can and does suspend drivers’ licenses and professional licenses, seize bank accounts and garnish wages.

The Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger in Hermosa Beach regularly defends noncustodial parents in CSSD proceedings, including license restoration. Principal attorney Thomas Polinger has 35 years of experience in family law, including determination, modification and enforcement of child support.

Child Support Enforcement Defense

A parent or supported spouse may contact the Los Angeles Child Support Services Department in order to file for an Order to Show Cause (OSC) hearing. Mr. Polinger will review the OSC paperwork for technical defenses, then negotiate a solution with the CSSD attorney assigned to your case or represent you in court to argue your case before the hearing officer.

In California, child support is tied to parenting time. If you are sued for support, we can also counter sue for additional visitation, which could reduce your monthly support obligations.

Keep Your Life Running While Fighting Legal Action

In order to enforce a support order (child support or spousal support) the CSSD has the power to suspend driving privileges or your professional license. Mr. Polinger is often hired by doctors, attorneys, general contractors and others whose livelihood depends on a valid license, and he has a good success rate in getting suspensions lifted.

In Los Angeles County, any party receiving court-ordered child support or spousal support can request assistance from CSSD to enforce and collect court-ordered support.

If you are summoned to a CSSD support enforcement hearing or threatened with sanctions, call our Hermosa Beach law office at 310-697-8868 or contact us online. We serve the South Bay area and all of L.A. County.