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Experienced In Complex Divorce Proceedings

Frequently, divorces come with challenges much more complex than dividing basic assets, making child custody and visitation arrangements, and setting up child support and spousal support payments. At the Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger, we have the experience and skill to address unique property division issues, including the valuation and division of real estate, closely held businesses and other financial assets. We are skilled at finding hidden assets and addressing omitted assets through breach of fiduciary duty claims.

The divorce challenges Mr. Polinger has faced and overcome go far beyond property division and asset protection. Many of them are one-of-a-kind. Others are rare. No matter what, we pursue a resolution that will meet the needs of our client.

Dealing With Frivolous Requests

What happens when your spouse tries to disrupt or delay the progress of the divorce? What happens when you start to get blatantly frivolous requests and documentation? Under family code section 271, sanctions may be brought. Your spouse may be forced to pay your attorney fees and costs. Often, we can quickly recognize when the other side is in violation of family code section 271 and we will promptly take steps to bring these actions to a halt and get you compensation when available.

Setting Aside A Divorce Judgment

There may be occasions in which a divorce can be set aside and the process may need to start again from the beginning. For example, if one spouse divorces the other without the other side being aware of it, the divorce may be set aside. We can assist with this process.

Invalidating A Prenuptial Agreement

A well-written prenuptial agreement is unlikely to be broken. However, your spouse may still attempt to get around it. If your spouse is attempting to break a prenuptial agreement, we know the steps to take to ensure that this binding agreement is respected. On the other hand, in some instances, a prenuptial agreement may be invalid based on a number of factors. We can advise you as to whether the agreement may be invalidated.

International Divorce

Many divorces involve complex international issues. Many of these issues arise in conjunction with immigration issues or in connection with child custody disputes. Perhaps one spouse brought the other back from another country on a fiancé visa in order to get married. We have the ability to protect our assets and address any immigration issues. Additionally, we can handle international child custody disputes.

Ready To Handle Your Complex Divorce Matters

For a consultation with a complex divorce lawyer in Hermosa Beach, California, call our law office at 310-697-8868 or contact us online. We accept credit cards and can arrange evening or Saturday appointments upon request.