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Property Division Attorney In Hermosa Beach

The issue of property division often produces strong emotions and arguments during the divorce process. You want to protect what you have earned and ensure a comfortable life as you exit your marriage. You can do so by retaining a Hermosa Beach property division attorney who is experienced in this complex aspect of divorce. At the Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger, we have been addressing these family law matters for more than 35 years.

Prepared For Any Property Division Challenge

Any number of factors can make dividing property challenging. In some divorces, it is the type of property involved. Real estate assets may extend beyond the family home and include multiple properties in Los Angeles County or even in other states or countries. Business assets and retirement assets can also add complicated twists to the process. We are ready to address assets of all types, including unique collections of art and antiques, as well as nonfinancial and intangible assets. We will protect what is yours.

Dividing Property In California Divorce

We will carefully investigate your situation. We will identify and classify assets and debts. We will determine what is community property and subject to division. Community property is essentially all property acquired during the marriage. We will also handle tracing and reimbursement of separate property, which is not subject to division. Separate property can include property acquired prior to the marriage, as well as inheritances.

When needed, we can call upon experts in the fields of business valuation, real estate appraisal, forensic accounting, and financial analysis to identify and value assets and debts.

It is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to manipulate the asset division. We know how to identify hidden and omitted assets. When one spouse attempts to breach his or her fiduciary duties in divorce, we will see that he or she is held accountable.

After thoroughly researching and analyzing the situation, we will seek to negotiate a settlement from a position of strength or obtain a favorable outcome in court. Throughout the entire process, we will work to protect your rights and interests, because we know that your future financial security depends on our success.

Let Us Protect Your Interests In Property Division

We are prepared to protect your interests in property division and all other aspects of divorce. Call our law office at 310-697-8868 or contact us online. We accept credit cards and can arrange evening or Saturday appointments upon request.