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Real Estate Can Be Among The Most Complex Matters In Divorce

The high value of private homes in Greater Los Angeles creates complex marital property issues that must be addressed with great care in a divorce. Many divorcing couples also own vacation homes, rental property or other real estate, all of which are subject to division in a divorce. At the Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger in Hermosa Beach, we have extensive experience resolving real estate problems and achieving equitable outcomes in the division of property.

Straightforward And Complex Property Cases

The principal of our firm, Thomas M. Polinger, has 35 years experience in the practice of family law. During that time, he has handled almost every type of divorce and property division matter, ranging from the straight-forward to the complex.

Even a relatively simple case can involve aspects of valuation, asset tracing, and property conveyance that require the attention of an experienced attorney. In these cases, Thomas M. Polinger will work to achieve a settlement that is fair and protects the client’s interests.

On the other hand, cases involving complex real estate issues require the services and knowledge of an experienced lawyer. For example, suppose that both spouses use their separate property to by a house together. Later, they take out a second mortgage and one spouse uses a portion of the mortgage proceeds to settle a separate debt. During the divorce process, the other spouse removes a valuable antique fixture attached to the house and sells it. In this case, the ability to trace and identify the separate and marital assets is essential to a fair and just resolution.

Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate Matters

The Law Offices of Thomas M. Polinger has the experience and knowledge required to investigate and resolve complex real estate matters arising out of divorce.

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